the Binahtit School

The Binahtit School is a 10-week online program that provides women the support and strategies they need to tap into their life purpose, manifest their desired reality, and live a powerful, authentic life. The Binahtit School will help you become a true Binahtit – a courageous, unapologetic, lovingly assertive woman. 

Online Courses

The Binahtit Online Courses will provide you with practical wisdom and tools to foster a genuine relationship with your soul. This simple yet profound relationship will create miracles in your career, your relationships, and your overall wellbeing.

Meditation Albums

The Binahtit Meditation albums are designed to help you meditate, visualize and create your “Desired Reality.” Each track is intended to evoke clarity, devotion and joy.

THE Book

Your Body, Your Power is a book for women planning to conceive or already pregnant. It offers an in-depth practical guide to pregnancy, appealing to the scientific mind and the spiritual side of creating life. Using concrete examples from Ayurvedic medicine, yogic philosophy, genetics, nutrition and modern Western science, the book empowers women to tune in to the inherent wisdom that lies within their bodies.

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